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Transformers: Till All Are One a 'very human' story

New series - Till All Are One

May 19th: IDW is launching a third monthly ongoing Transformers comic.
Unlike More than Meets the Eye and the former Robots in Disguise titles, set respectively in deep space and on Earth, the new series - Transformers: Till All Are One - will focus on Cybertron and the struggles of various characters who are attempting to reunite the planet following millions of years of civil war.
Writer Mairghread Scott (of Windblade fame) told Newsarama: "I like to think we're the most 'human' of the Transformers books. Till All Are One is first and foremost the struggle of imperfect people trying to (re)build a world together."
Core characters will be Starscream, who has reinvented himself for the peacetime era as a slippery, conniving politician and leader, and the noble Windblade has "found herself increasingly pushed into morally grey areas for the greater good", says Scott. Fan favourites, the Combaticons will also guest star. The series will be stocked by the OneShallStand store - go here to preorder it.

What if Prime didn't die in Transformers the Movie?


December 26th: The death of Optimus Prime was one of the big defining moments of Transformers The Movie, which incidently celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016. A one off comic from IDW in March will explore how differently the events of the Movie would have played out if Prime had survived his fight to the death with Megatron. Would the Autobots still have survived their darkest hour or would Unicron have been unstoppable? The 40-page issue is part of IDW's five week 'deviations' event looking at how popular franchises - Transformers, GI Joe, Turtles, Ghostbusters, X-Files etc - could have turned out very different.


Optimus Prime: Earth's saviour... or conqueror?

All Hail Optimus Prime

December 26th: Optimus Prime has got the whole world in his hands in this cover for the landmark Transformers ongoing fiftieth issue. The double-sized comic, written by series regular John Barber and released in February, begins a new multi-part story which promises long lasting repurcussions. Optimus Prime declares Earth to be part of Cybertron's Council of Worlds sparking war with the Decepticons and the humans. Will he be the planet's "saviour or a dangerous demagogue"? With Megatron now good, is it possible Prime is turning bad? Issue 50 and onwards hold the answers. Order them here.


Sins of the Wreckers return to haunt Transformers fans!


September 6th: Great news! IDW has announced that the ever talented Nick Roche is writing and drawing a sequel to the 2010 classic Last Stand of the Wreckers. The new five part series, Sins of the Wreckers, kicks off in November and can be ordered via the OneShallStand store. As Nick recently said on Twitter: "I am currently drawing a genuinely bonkers, never-seen-before in a TF comic sequence. Sins consumes me."
The machiavellian Prowl has been captured and his dark secrets are returning to haunt the Autobots. Enter the elite commando unit The Wreckers, plus special guest stars Arcee and Kup! Book your copy of this one ASAP!


Four Doctor Whos meet in Titan comics crossover event

Buy the Four Doctors comic series

September 5th: Sonic screwdrivers at the ready! Titan comics, publisher of Doctor Who comics, is bringing together the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors in one rip roaring adventure which also stars the maniacal War Doctor (from the 2013, 50th anniversary episode Day of the Doctor). A "shocking past event" brings three Doctors together in 1920s Paris – have the laws of time and space been broken? OneShallStand.com is offering a subscription to the five issue series, plus we're taking subscriptions for the upcoming Eighth Doctor mini-series starring Paul McGann's gothic Doctor. See our DW comics store.