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Sins of the Wreckers return to haunt Transformers fans!


September 6th: Great news! IDW has announced that the ever talented Nick Roche is writing and drawing a sequel to the 2010 classic Last Stand of the Wreckers. The new five part series, Sins of the Wreckers, kicks off in November and can be ordered via the OneShallStand store. As Nick recently said on Twitter: "I am currently drawing a genuinely bonkers, never-seen-before in a TF comic sequence. Sins consumes me."
The machiavellian Prowl has been captured and his dark secrets are returning to haunt the Autobots. Enter the elite commando unit The Wreckers, plus special guest stars Arcee and Kup! Book your copy of this one ASAP!


Four Doctor Whos meet in Titan comics crossover event

Buy the Four Doctors comic series

September 5th: Sonic screwdrivers at the ready! Titan comics, publisher of Doctor Who comics, is bringing together the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors in one rip roaring adventure which also stars the maniacal War Doctor (from the 2013, 50th anniversary episode Day of the Doctor). A "shocking past event" brings three Doctors together in 1920s Paris – have the laws of time and space been broken? OneShallStand.com is offering a subscription to the five issue series, plus we're taking subscriptions for the upcoming Eighth Doctor mini-series starring Paul McGann's gothic Doctor. See our DW comics store.


Female Autobot combining team to make comic debut!


June 1st: Fembots are all the rage in the Transformers universe this summer after Hasbro announced it is working on a team of female Autobots who will combine into a new gestalt called Victorion!
Despite the advent of Arcee's debut in the 1986 original (and still the best) Transformers the Movie, it has taken a while to get to this point with most TFs being universally male, but following the arrival of characters like Windblade and Bumblebee's animated sidekick Strongarm the times are a changing.
Transformers: Windblade series writer, told USA Today that the '80s generation now have their own children, especially dads with daughters, adding: "It's very important for them to have strong female characters so that they can relate and bridge that love with their kids." Victorion is the result of a fan-built poll and said to be making her first appearance in the July comic Transformers: Combiner Hunters, which also stars Windblade and Chromia teamed up with fan favourite Arcee for the first time.
With the Combiner Wars: Windblade comic extending from an initial three comic story arc to six issues there will be a solid fembot presence this summer.
Combiner Wars and the Combiner Hunters 'Victorion' one-shot are all on sale at the OneShallStand store.


Combiner Wars: Transformers gets bigger in March!


January 3rd: 'Combiner Wars' is the main theme for Hasbro's 2015 Transformers toy line, with reimagined forms of Menasor and Superion in the pipeline (see image) and its taking over the comics too! In March IDW is launching a six-part Combiner Wars event running through the pages of the Transformers Ongoing comic (formerly RID) and Transformers Windblade. It has to do with Starscream, ruler of Cybertron, setting his sights on Windblade's homeworld in order to establish a new empire, and Superion coming to their aid. Menasor and Devastator also feature on the covers. As ever all the instalments of Combiner Wars will be available from the OneShallStand store.