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Female Autobot combining team to make comic debut!


June 1st: Fembots are all the rage in the Transformers universe this summer after Hasbro announced it is working on a team of female Autobots who will combine into a new gestalt called Victorion!
Despite the advent of Arcee's debut in the 1986 original (and still the best) Transformers the Movie, it has taken a while to get to this point with most TFs being universally male, but following the arrival of characters like Windblade and Bumblebee's animated sidekick Strongarm the times are a changing.
Transformers: Windblade series writer, told USA Today that the '80s generation now have their own children, especially dads with daughters, adding: "It's very important for them to have strong female characters so that they can relate and bridge that love with their kids." Victorion is the result of a fan-built poll and said to be making her first appearance in the July comic Transformers: Combiner Hunters, which also stars Windblade and Chromia teamed up with fan favourite Arcee for the first time.
With the Combiner Wars: Windblade comic extending from an initial three comic story arc to six issues there will be a solid fembot presence this summer.
Combiner Wars and the Combiner Hunters 'Victorion' one-shot are all on sale at the OneShallStand store.

Combiner Wars: Transformers gets bigger in March!


January 3rd: 'Combiner Wars' is the main theme for Hasbro's 2015 Transformers toy line, with reimagined forms of Menasor and Superion in the pipeline (see image) and its taking over the comics too! In March IDW is launching a six-part Combiner Wars event running through the pages of the Transformers Ongoing comic (formerly RID) and Transformers Windblade. It has to do with Starscream, ruler of Cybertron, setting his sights on Windblade's homeworld in order to establish a new empire, and Superion coming to their aid. Menasor and Devastator also feature on the covers. As ever all the instalments of Combiner Wars will be available from the OneShallStand store.

Titan comics to celebrate 10 years of Doctor Who


December 30th: As unlikely as it seems, 2015 marks 10 years since Doctor Who returned to TV screens following a 16 year hiatus, with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role. Titan, the publisher which owns the comic rights to the show, is marking the anniversary by releasing a five issue Ninth Doctor series from April (co starring Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness) and OneShallStand will be stocking it. We've also got new and upcoming comic adventures of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors available to order - go here for the full list.

Drift is back this November for Empire of Stone


October 4th: When Drift admitted bringing Overlord on to the Lost Light and inadvertently causing the deaths of some of his fellow crewmembers, Rodimus promptly exiled him.
But where has our favourite sword-weilding ex-Decepticon been these past few months and what trouble has he got into? The answers to those questions and more are revealed in a new four part comic series from IDW called Drift: Empire of Stone. Writer Shane McCarthy returns to tell this new chapter in the story of the character he created and he's joined on the journey by talented artist Guido Guidi.
Shane said recently: What I’m most excited about is teaming up once again with the incredible Guido Guidi. This will be the first time the two of us work together on a Drift story, the character we created together for All Hail Megatron all those years ago."
The series will see Drift on a mission to 'clean up the darkest depths of the galaxy' and guest stars Ratchet. Don't dare miss this one - it's going to be a blast. You can order the series from the OneShallStand store here.

Metroplex vs Trypticon in October comic releases

August 23rd: IDW has released its October 2014 solicitations with promises of destruction on a "scale the universe has never seen" as Metroplex and Trypticon clash! The battle takes place in part 3 of Primacy, the prequel story which reveals how the Transformers civil war started. That's not all, not by a long shot, as there's Autobots facing an impossible choice in 'More than Meets the Eye' and Optimus discovering a shocking secret in 'Robots in Disguise' - plus GI Joe on Cybertron! You can preorder all of these from the OneShallStand store by clicking the covers below or go here for the full solicitations.

  • Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #34
  • Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #34
  • Transformers Robots in Disguise #34Out in October. Available to preorder now!
  • Transformers Robots in Disguise #34Out in October. Available to preorder now!
  • Transformers Primacy #3The early days of the Transformers Civil War are revealed
  • Transformers vs GI Joe #4Offbeat 30th anniversary crossover continues.
  • Transformers vs GI Joe #4Offbeat 30th anniversary crossover continues.
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Scorponok's death revisited on Robots In Disguise 30th anniversary cover

August 18th: One of the most memorable, and many would say emotional, moments in Transformers comic history will be revisited next month in this striking cover from artist Casey Coller and colourist John-Paul Bove. It depicts the death of Scorponok - having been melted by a blast of Unicron's molten breath - in the classic Transformers story from 1991, The Edge of Extinction - a truly amazing issue, see here. John-Paul used his Twitter account to reveal the image, which will adorn the 'retailer incentive' cover of Transformers: Robots in Disguise #33 in September. As you might have guessed the cover is not illustrative of actual events in RID #33 but is one of a special series of incentive covers to mark Transformers' 30th anniversary.


Transformers and GI Joe reunited in retro 80s style!

Transformers and GI Joe are 30 years old this year and still going strong! To celebrate this incredible achievement these two iconic Hasbro brands are going head-to-head in a new standalone mini series from IDW this summer. Billed as the 'crossover of the century' and cosmic in scale (you be the judge!), writer John Barber and artist Tom Scioli have created a new origin-style story in which Earth's defences (GI Joe) must confront the ominous 'forces of Cybertron' in the form of an alien robot invasion. Scioli said: "It harkens back to classic comic traditions-and to the origins of the Transformers and GI JOE characters-but feels constantly, irrepressibly new!" He added: "We're asking big questions. Is war an inevitable condition of life? What is free will? What is the future of man and machine?". Go here to see the covers and order the series.